On the road…

Jonathan passed his driver’s test. License already came in the mail!
Way to go Jonathan!!!!

Jonathan got his license!

Jonathan got his license!

David’s not driving yet (phew!) but he is heading into prep for this year’s school musical, Bye Bye Birdie. Auditions this week!

I will soon be the shortest one in the family!

I will soon be the shortest one in the family!

On the road again…

I will be heading out Friday for a week. The boys are off school and were not sad at all to have a week of no one telling them to clean up and do the dishes. As long as they eat some vegetables and glimpse sunshine occasionally I’m good.

Friday to Sunday I will be at our local church’s ladies retreat. As women’s ministry leader I have walked along side our new team leader, Josefa, as her team prepared for the retreat.
Praying that the weekend will be full of learning and laughter and deepening relationships across the generations for all 59 of us.  Our small groups leaders are older women in the church who each invited a younger woman to co-lead with them. A good step toward mentoring in every day life. Please pray for many more steps like this.

Then on Sunday afternoon I drive on two hours towards Salzburg for a five day seminar on dealing with trauma. This time I get to be a participant. The leadership from ‘befreit leben’, the discipleship ministry I work with is sending me. I am so grateful to be able to attend and I expect it to be a time healing for me personally after this past very hard year and also enriching for my ministry to women.

Thank you for praying!


Dani and I will be co-leading a small group at the retreat

Dani (right) and my friend Heidi will be co-leading a small group at the retreat