big, little, laughing, praying, teaching, listening, working side by side, even standing on a mountain top together…we all need them!

andrea and tobi are married!!!








My boys have two big sisters here, Andrea and Jess. We were at Andrea’s wedding after Christmas which ended her six months of living with us and Jess is leading worship at our church’s young adult retreat right now. As you can see in the photo Jonathan is a ‘young adult’ at this retreat!! Andrea and Jess are godly influences in the lives of Jonathan and David! Sooo thankful!!!

Karoline and Charis are praying sisters, meeting weekly this past year.  They shared their story at our January women’s breakfast on encouraging one another on to love and good works. Note the purple megaphones and Pom poms 🙂

Karoline and Charis share their story











Charis is heading up a new women’s ministry in the church to help women grow in community. She has asked big sister Uli to join her in this work and they are praying for a younger woman to join them. Their first event is march 4 on being a prayer warrior mentor. Yes!!

sisters by choice 🙂

Leslie and I adopted each other decades ago. We both have sisters across the ocean that we miss. So we decided to be there for each other in everyday life. Like bringing my boys and a plate of thanksgiving dinner to the hospital two days after my accident. And she didn’t forget to bring desert!

We need to know each other in order to love and encourage each other on to love and good works. As women’s ministry leader, I desire to see all the women God allows into my life, grow in their love for the Lord and serve Him using the gifts He gives them.  From personal experience I know that even the ickiest task can be transformed into a joyful community experience with a sister working alongside you.

Thank you for your prayers for us and upcoming events!!!

Feb 17-18    Leadership Team of befreit leben (freed life) discipleship ministry. Planning meeting for September small group leader’s training  seminar

March 4 evening for women    Focus mentoring

March 25 mom’s conference

Sept – leadership training weekend

Oct – our church’s women’s retreat.